By Mike Oldfield and Sally Oldfield

O my love being your songs to my door
And come and rest inside
While the snow is falling coloured through
The windy world outside the crystal window
And the snowy wind is breathing sounds
Of icicles – melting in love.

O my love let your tears warm my land
And shower your gentle kisses
Where the desert sands are running dry
And parched in summer burning heat and hunger
And the warm Indian sun is shedding
Pearl stones – melting in love.

[Left Channel]
O my love you’re searching for your name
Beside the sea of jewels and dreams
Where shadows dance and for your glance
The sky would chance the granting of a dream
Watch the stars see how they fly
See how they drift into the sky
The Morning sun gets to your eyes
You realise you were in a dream
And your eyes are open windows to your mind
Your eyes are open windows to your mind

[Right Channel]
O my love let your hands rest in my hair
As white birds in the forest
Making love upon the fingers of the trees
And in the wild woodland simmering
And the bodies of the trees are bursting sunflowers
Melting in love – melting in love.