Vocals: Janet Brown

Hello Everyone. I Suppose You Think, That Nothing Much Is Happening At The Moment – Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha. Well, That’s What I Want To Talk To You All About; Endings. Now, Endings Normally Happening At The End. But As We All Know – Endings Are Just Beginnings. You Know, Once These Things Really Get Started, It’s Jolly Hard To Stop Them Again. However, As We Have All Come This Far, I Think, Under The Circumstances, The Best Solution Is, That We All Keep Going. Let’s Keep This Going Inside; Never An Ending. Let’s Remember, That This World Wants Fresh Beginnings. I Feel Here, In This Country And Through Out The World; We Are Crying Out For Beginnings, Beginnings. We Never Want To Hear This Word; Endings. I Know You Don’t Want To Sit Down. I Know You Want To Do Something. Of Course You’re Looking For The Good Start. Of Course You’re Looking For A Fresh Start. Isn’t That Charming. Too-Te-Loo I’m Really Feel I Could Dance. Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha – Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha. Charming. Ah Ha.